McElhanney Team Philosophy Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client wanted a video that showcases their vision, mission, and goal. The short presentation focuses not only on the accomplishment of the company but also on the people who made that success possible.
The video also highlights McElhaney commitment to the community in making this place a better world for all of us. Through its pioneering and innovation the company cultivates and the instill the value of excellence with their 1000+ strong workforce at the same time placing a greater premium on their worker’s safety. The culture of safety has been made a part of the organization.

“As a company, we very much believe in investing in technology that is gonna take us to the next level.”

The Solution

This video production was created for McElhanney to highlight their commitment to their client, their excellent services as well as their accomplishments and all the company’s positive attributes that contributed to their success.

The Client

The oldest, employee-owned engineering and land surveying firm in Canada was founded in Vancouver, BC by a true trailblazer, William Gordon McElhanney.


McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. is one of Canada’s oldest engineering companies. Because of the firm’s track record, it has won the prestigious Best Managed Companies Award.
The Best Managed Program is an award-giving body that recognizes the best-in-class of Canadian, privately-owned and managed companies with revenues over $15 million demonstrating strategy, capability, and commitment to achieve sustainable growth.

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