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The motion graphics, animation and all of the graphical arts of moving images continue to amaze!

Our company has produced animated videos for over 10 years for broadcast, web and social. Projects can start at 1,000 or $2,000 and range as large as + $40,000.

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Maybe in the age of Pixar, Disney and the horde of Millennials growing up with warm-fuzzies for any moving picture or hand-drawn animation- has caused a continued demand for this style.

… but the studies are clear, and the science has weighed in.

Shape your work in motion and animation

Animation and Motion Graphics videos are here to stay. Because they grab attention with higher conversion rates and deliver complex subjects in less time and with more precision.

The ease of control over the narrative script is one of the main reasons. If you’re a talented brand owner with a background in marketing, crafting a powerful sales pitch is in your DNA. Many owners have a great sense of purpose and intuitively know what their viewers desire.

A common commercial animation workflow is to ask a variety of questions about the brand and product. But the most crucial element is the vision.

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Crafting a motion graphics script

The vision is a high-level strategy and an exciting idea often drives an entire company. Consequently, the same vision can be used to align any marketing and Communications.

WinWin – WinWin App Spot 4K – Explainer from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

After a strong Vision is established, and some clear success outcomes have been determined. Although, we have most of the information needed to start crafting a powerful concept and script.

Some of my favorite questions to ask when crafting a Motion Graphics script and start with a problem because it is from exploring pain and challenge we can discover the designed solution.

Exploring motion graphics Vancouver ideas

Exploring product benefits and features often comes next with a summary. From there we move into the guarantee, credibility and call the action. So this is commonly referring to as the sales process.

  • The sales process is explored in any good Motion Graphics video production. And when done well, it is barely noticeable when worked into an emotional narrative storytelling flow.
  • The sales process in motion graphics commercials is to remove the barriers between the viewer and the action.

With this foundation of a strong script and narrative story, we can begin sourcing and aligning some great visuals.

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Style and genres of motion graphics

Although there are hundreds of styles and genres for motion and animation production, however, finding a great look and feel is more about alignment with the brand and any established style.

The style and look of a production mimic the brand’s energy and are really an extension of established marketing. But most clients expect to use animation on YouTube, Vimeo, web, social, blog pages and even email.

So, the genre and style of any Motion Graphics video production must fit the brands’ energy.


What is Bitcoin? from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

Our secret for finding a great look and style in our archive of hundreds of productions we save and organize. So it is ready for review and inspiration.

Another secret of finding a great style is working with Motion Graphics producers because they specialize in illustration and design. A creative motion graphics artist will have illustration experience and the ability to build a look and feel for a brand.

Commercial workflow

Step-by-step process

  • Firstly, it starts with an inquiry, and followed by a meeting to ask a series of questions and carefully research a brand, its vision, and objectives.
  • Secondly, we confirm payment of a deposit and build out their entire video editing and production on paper including visuals, storyboards, scripting, and any, assets or images. In fact, we can also make recommendations on style and genre.
  • Finally, the production book document is created to have every single element of the production which is reviewed by any team member or contractors involved.

So if you’re looking at getting animation, Motion Graphics or video animation Vancouver and video production are done, definitely let me know.

We are one of the independent video company Vancouver that love to build your idea and help you with your project! Also, we can recommend other companies or contractors depending on your budget.

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About the author

Colter Ripley is an executive producer which is a complicated way of saying he has produced videos for many years and now manages the workflow at Red Ripley.

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He is certified in digital film, works in the film industry in cinematography and has a web and Motion Graphics background. He’s also a certified business coach and works with his clients in a collaborative way with the goal of great customer service and final products everyone is excited to share!

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