Naked Ape Films – Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

A passion project by Scot Proudfoot and Colter Ripley. Destined for film festivals, screenings and DVD sales.

“experiments on earth”

The Solution

After saving up a budget, we shot for an entire summer to produce the final documentary/ extreme sports film. Sections were screened on Spike, Whacked Out Sports and a variety of websites. Over 200 DVD’s were sold and screenings were sold out!

The Client

A Vancouver video production company made a crazy, extraordinary stunts during summer, that made their extreme sports memorable. Showing how to live life to the fullest while experiencing the best of it.


Only one bone was broken during filming and one epic clip was erased. Over 80 tapes were shot during the four months.

About Red Ripley

We are a video production team. We partner with top companies and brands. We craft powerful stories that move and influence viewers. We use promotion to bring it to their target audience. We have fun doing it.

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