Nemetz (S/A) & Associates Ltd. Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client has the vision to establish and expand new offices that reflects his personal business philosophy to always look “to build a better mousetrap”. The client wanted to change the perception of others to the engineer’s capability that they knew nothing about lighting design. He wanted to bring in the aesthetics and design.
Along the way they have picked up things from their work experience form various projects and in different places such as Hong Kong, the United States and parts of Canada. They have a lot of experience in high-rise residential developments, hotels, office, commercial and shopping centers and they can’t wait to show the people what more they can do.

“We have a lot of youth in this company and we’re always growing, always looking to sharpen our skills, stay on top of technology. And at the core of everything is our desire to provide outstanding service to the client – that is something that has not, and will not change.”

The Solution

We created a film production company showing how dynamic and how successful their company is from a small company grown into an international company specializes services.
They have a specialized lighting department that liaises with architects and interior designers and provides comprehensive and detailed lighting design. They have engineering in terms of power design. They have security, communications and information technology expertise within the office. But the underlying principles of their company have never changed. They still provide excellent service to the client, efficient and effective designs, and also protect the owners through the course of design and construction by monitoring contractors on site.

The Client

Nemetz (S/A) & Associates Ltd. has been a source for electrical power systems and lighting designs in Vancouver for more than 50 years.
Currently, Steven Nemetz serves as the President of Nemetz (S/A) & Associates and he joined his father’s firm (Arnold Nemetz) in 1983. Under Steven’s direction, the business has expanded to offer a variety of specialized services in conjunction with basic power design.


The high rise lights that make up Vancouver’s skyline offer glowing testament to a familial dedication to service, quality and ingenuity in electrical engineering for more than 50 years. The spark that is now some 10,000 completed electrical engineering projects began with William Nemetz and his electrical contracting firm ‘Domino Electric,’ then continued when his son Arnold Nemetz, founder of Arnold Nemetz & Associates, opened his first electrical engineering firm in Vancouver in 1963. The company became a leader in designing functional and original systems for residential, commercial and industrial projects in the Lower Mainland.

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