ODii-Functional Retrieval Gadget Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client has a great vision of an overview video for his product. He wanted to include his social interaction to other people introducing his ODii product and how it can help them get any objects even on a thin hard area like car seats. He also want to showcase some features and benefits of his product have.
Red+Ripley is a film production company that produce any video, no matter what the scope a project is, our team is trained to create the best possible product overview for our valued corporate partners.

“Never lose anything under your car seat again! You drop it, ODii can fetch it. The first and only multi-functional retrieval gadget.”

The Solution

We created a product overview video for ODii, a combination of a survey with people engagement trying out the ODii product, to attract more people to be engaged to the brand.
Whether you have a complex product, service or piece of software that you need to promote, there’s no better medium than a product overview video to get your message across. Our team has award-winning experiences in producing engaging, cost-effective and a product overview videos. Nothing beats seeing a product in action.

The Client

Kenn is a pretty interesting guy. He’s creative, motivated and with his marketing background, he has a natural ability and desire to show the world how great ODii is. Head of business development, Kenn is great at scouting new retailers that would like to sell ODii in their stores. Kenn won’t sleep until every human being on the planet has an ODii either in their vehicle or in their home. Don’t let those dimples fool you, this guy is serious! To Kenn, ODii is much more than a gadget; it’s a passion and a solution to a problem known by many.


ODii is the ultimate grab-it gadget that is designed to retrieve items from hard to reach places!
Red+Ripley is focused on delivering an awesome experience to their clients. We want your experience with us to be a rewarding one, both in the results your video brings to your practice, and in the fun that you had while working with us.

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