Pacific Insight – Cinematic Profile Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need

Pacific Insight wanted an artistic and thrilling piece that really captured their core values – innovation, consistency, and exceptionalism in the field of interior lighting for vehicles.

They didn’t want to have an interview/b-roll format, but more of a visual story – using cinematic clips of their production process and final products to demonstrate their excellence, along with a sweeping narration.

“Never in the history of the automotive industry has the advancement towards electric and autonomous vehicles been as dynamic as the present. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of these new challenges and opportunities. ”

The Solution

Red+Ripley shot for 4 days from Vancouver, to Nelson, and even all the way down in central Mexico to capture the Pacific Insight process. We did a few days of pre-production and scheduling and acquired all of the assets quickly before getting down and assembling this piece in our editing suites.

The Client

Pacific Insight Electronics Corp is one of the manufacturer of electronic products that serves commercial and automotive products in the market. They provide LED lighting systems and other electronic control modules.


We filmed, edited and sound designed this entire video production in under 2 weeks! Pacific Insight wanted to show it off at a trade show in early October and we worked overtime to deliver them a beautiful video to present – apparently it’s already a hit!

About Red Ripley

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