We make awesome videos for your
brand or agency

Red Ripley is an easy, simple, fast, safe, powerful way to get your video done!

We call ourselves a video agency.

Research and strategy come first

  • Understanding the vision and mission of the project.
  • Developing measurable and achievable outcomes.
  • Selecting powerful ways to hit your outcomes.

Brands and agencies need powerful strategies to produce
specific, desired outcomes.

Red Ripley

One-on-one partnerships

We consider you a partner and team member where asking
about your vision and outcomes is our main focus

Big genre and style options

We are comfortable with many styles and genres like
live-action, animation, commercial, comedy.

Guaranteed timeline accuracy

Delivery timelines often under 6-weeks and accurate
usually to the day

Optimizing your budget for performance

If we quote on it, we will optimize for your vision and outcomes and
deliver accordingly.

Creative campaigns made for digital

Powerful strategies for a new wave of online needs

Unlimited revisions and gear

We work until you’re happy and own over 200k in commerical
equipment with a smooth editorial workflow

With huge industry experience

We get noticed - Los Angeles International Film Festival’s
“Best Spec Commercial”, “Audience Favorite”, “Best Overall”
and many more!

Bringing the passion and workflow

Our team members and roster are a crucial component behind
craftsmanship and creative work that feels like a fun partnership!

How to put Red Ripley to work for you

Company Profile Videos


Drone Footage

Viral Engineered Videos

Event Videos

Interviews and Training

Motion Graphics


Visual Effects

Visual Effects and Text

3D Plus Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics


Whiteboard Illustration

3D and Illustration

3D Locations With Fly-throughs

This comes back to the strategy component

Each story should be told in the most effective way. With a melding of stunning
visuals and creative content.

The Red Ripley production process



We researched your brand, trends and viewers.


We developed the concept, script and boards.


We broke down the script, booked and scheduled your production.

Acquiring assets

We performed live shooting, illustration or visual effects.


We processed post-production such as editing, coloring and sound.


We Integrated your video with your web-site and powerfully promoted it to the right people

Some fancy stuff we do

Fast timelines

Estimated four-week timeline.

We are the workhorse and we schedule, manage and handle your production with as much or as little feedback as you desire.

The best tools

Whether it’s green-screen, studio set- ups, live-action, animation, or 3-D.

We have the tools to do it.

Polished visuals

Each frame our camera captures is 13 mega-pixels (4k), which allows re-purposing in print and online advertising. Additional formats are available upon request.

4K is expected to take over in the next couple years. YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix already accept it.

The right tech

The best that money can buy. We own the same types of cameras used in hundred-million-dollar Hollywood blockbusters – to be put to work for you.

Flexible plans

We follow best-practice standards for YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Broadcast.

Final approved files are rendered in high-quality format (takes 20+ hours).

Collaborate with strong partners

We invest in our people. Our dedicated core of dynamic, creative fulltime employees are supported by an amazing array of talented contractors.

We’re just taking advantage of Vancouver’s thriving film and video production company.

With years of developing creative relationships, we have an almost limitless palette of colours to choose from.

Fully-insured and covered

Our service also includes an asset management component of five years, double-backup, cloud storage that can serve as your own personal footage library.

We also have full insurance coverage for loss and general liability as well as WorkSafeBC coverage.

Guarantee satisfaction

We pretty much never have problems, but if you don’t love your Red Ripley video project we’ll roll up the old sleeves and ensure you are satisfied.

We’ve worked with many companies you’ve heard of...
but many you haven’t too!