Raj of COBS Bread Bio Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

Our client had a vision of a powerful bio video showcasing Raj’s life, family and work at his COBS Bakery, Oakville franchise location.

“We’ve proudly donated over $250 million in unsold products to local charities since 2003.”

The client wanted to describe the franchise opportunity in an extremely fast-growing business for clients wanting to run a business from scratch.

The Solution

We created a personable video all about Raj’s life, showing how he’s making an impact and living the lifestyle of his dreams while supporting a successful brand and an award-winning team.

We used our video production company to work with the client and understand their vision and mission to develop measurable and achievable outcomes.

The Client

COBS Bread started in 1980 in Australia as a family run business called Bakers Delight.

There are now over 600 Bakers Delight locations in Australia and New Zealand. COBS Bread has capitalized on this success with over 100 bakeries in Canada and is on track to establish 250 bakeries in Canada by 2022.


We wanted to work with the client to create a powerful strategy and we loved producing some awesome outcomes!

We produced video marketing content and video production as a service including studio production, video shooting and film production for this corporate video!

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