RestorFX- 3D animation Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The Client was visioning a 3D product Introduction video that will provide detailed views of RestorFX concepts and prototypes; Create visual breakdowns and reveal internal components and key features.

“Tomorrow’s innovation, changing the automotive refinishing industry today.”

The Solution

A Vancouver video production come up and created a 3D product introduction video for RestorFX and showcase the finer details of the product.
3D Product Introduction videos are one of the effective ways of showcasing company latest and greatest product or service. Having a 3D product Introduction video can be visualized in a way that with conventional cameras cannot be realized. This allows to see the operation of a product displayed clearly or floating in space without hindering reflection. Light, material or color choices can be adjusted freely based on a modeled 3D model.

The Client

The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System was envisioned and pioneered by founders Alexander and Nadia Kay, who wanted to change the way vehicle reconditioning and detailing was done.
RestorFX is the most advanced product on the market and presenting automotive businesses and professionals a truly unique opportunity to expand their business and deliver superior results to customers.


RestorFX pioneered the most advanced paint restoration and paint correction technology on the market that will restore a vehicle’s finish to look like its original factory condition. This all-new Polymimetic Coating Technology mimics and blends with the original finish, chemically adhering to it and filling-in damage for complete restoration. Tested over a 13 year period in various climates and in extreme weather conditions, RestorFX is the result of many reformulations and we are confident there is nothing else like it.
Red+Ripley is client-focused video and animation company excelling in world-class expertly flaunting your product features and specifications cost-effectively. 3d Data visualization, are included in our package services that will truly bring a true marketing success for your product and/or business.

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