RestorFX – Car Refinishing Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The competition was dominating the marketplace and with poor quality videos. RestorFX is a Paint Refinishing System. Alex found contacted us because he wanted a video with the adrenaline rush of the our Crossfit Vancouver video.

“Behind the scenes RestorFX Corporate Video Production.”

The Solution

A behind the scenes experience that highlights the work behind the production, and features interviews with RestorFX owner Alex Kotyakov, and creative director Colter Ripley.

The video we produced blew the competition away. It distinguished RestorFX as a leader in the market and sold the product so well they had to increase their prices. They have since opened locations overseas in Dubai, Germany, and the USA.

We created a corporate video production which we make sure it is something that is so engageable, very compelling, and has so much evidence that this is a good product that people will move forward or take action to buy it.

We make sure that the content are well researched, and we created a custom concept that deliver the product in the most effective way.

The Client

The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System includes the RestorFX Renew chemical paint restoration process, RestorFX Refinish advanced paint chip repair, and RestorFX Retain protective paint sealant. This system ensures that a vehicle has a deep, resonant luster without paint chips or blemishes.


RestorFX is the real deal. Colter Ripley had it done to his car and it is true to the claims.

About Red Ripley

We are a video production team. We partner with top companies and brands. We craft powerful stories that move and influence viewers. We use promotion to bring it to their target audience. We have fun doing it.

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