SFU’s Sustainable Office Space Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client wanted to focus on the practical application of a sustainable office space. It wanted to communicate to the target audience that sustainable space does not need rocket science but a concerted effort of all community members. And to follow through with our commitment to important discipline or exercise like trash segregation, consuming less electricity and bringing your own blanket. We can gather from the video that sustainable living is easy – we just have to learn how to reuse and recycled things. Aside from saving money, this is also an excellent opportunity to be eco-friendly.

“You don’t need to sweat to be sustainable.”

The Solution

A captivating video production was created highlighting the practical aspects of a sustainable office space. The video does not have a spoken dialogue but with the camera angles and music, it was able to paint a vivid picture of what a sustainable office looks like that would communicate its message well to its audience.

The Client

Simon Fraser is one of Canada’s most community-engaged research university with three (3) thriving urban campuses.
The university was established in 1965 and its three (3) dynamic campuses can be found in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey – these are British Columbia’s largest municipalities.


Recipient of Canada’s Top Comprehensive University, 2018

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