Sympli Creative Team Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client wants a corporate video production showing the company’s creation of each garments designed by people who values uniqueness of each and every women.

Sympli has a mission, to encourage women having garments that are designed with authenticity and at the same time being diverse all body types.

“You realize how much stronger an idea or concept is when you put a whole lot of minds together working towards the same goal”

The Solution

We created a corporate video that allowed the people behind the company showing their passion to encouragement to women have unique garments while experiencing empowerment and comfort to become simply themselves.

By using our video experience we captured the company’s vision through recording how the people behind the company sees each women being unique.

The Client

Sympli is a Canadian clothing label that designs and produces 100% of garments. They are embodying comfort, effortless care and most importantly, an authentic fit that is crafted with every body in mind.

Which started on 1999 by Jan Stimpson with a mission to address the needs of every woman regardless of age, shape, size, or style.


For years Sympli has been a proud supporter of the Looking Glass Foundation, a local non-profit organization that offers a caring community of support and prevention for those suffering from eating disorders.

Sharing the belief that every woman is perfectly whole and valuable when they are purely themselves.
Together, Sympli hopes to make a difference, working towards a future where every woman can look in the mirror and love themselves for everything that they are.

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