Sim’s Gym and their Powerful Advertising Approach for Simon Tetley’s Online Coaching

Sim’s Gym as a Case Study on Red+Ripley’s Production Process

Sim’s Gym is a brick and mortar location in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Founded in March 2017 to give exclusive and personal training with nutrition advice.  Providing everything clients need to reach their fitness goals while maintaining focus and privacy of personal achievements. All services available through their location are also available online.

Sims Gym – Simon Tetley Online Coach and Trainer from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

Simon Tetley opened the doors to Sim’s Gym Transformation Academy after four years of study and planning. The academy soon gained a reputation as the place to get results. 

Sim’s Gym uses only the best scientific research to educate and coach people from all walks of life with place for the community to get educated and gain the latest cutting-edge science-based research.  They offer programs to suit all fitness levels and guaranteed results.

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Highlighting Sim’s Gym in a Video with Science and Research into Physical Performance

During our research, we worked with Simon Tetley to review and develop an advertising approach based on his developed into small-group classes and package of exercises with nutritional composition to achieve life-changing results.

It is packed with the tools, information, accountability, and support needed to succeed. This exclusive program is only offered to a select few per year and is only available to those that pass the interview process. It has become a cornerstone of the success of this fairly new business.

Our advertising approach built a reputation as a one-stop-shop for life-changing body transformation. With a long list of testimonies and breathtaking before and after pictures, Sims’s Gym achieves results that were never thought possible.

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Sim’s Gym Vision as Brought to the Video Languageby Red+Ripley Creative

Bear in mind that most modern consumers are savvy themselves. Gone are the days when a good storyline will do. Now, people want videos that would please their senses, challenge their imagination, and inspire them. This is where a good video editing Vancouver and production company comes in. It can help you engage your customers.

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Clients Have an Eye for Quality and Premium when it comes to Top Brands

When you have tons of shots with a whole lot of variety, it’s easy to cut out everything but retain the absolute best shots to have a highly-polished production.

I continue to be surprised at how involved we can get when filming events because often, clients have an eye for polished detail and high-quality productions which really draw attention. We love the idea of capturing beautiful images that really get everyone excited.

Armourgenix CBD Athlete Profiles 30 sec from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

Have you ever seen an event video that you absolutely loved? This is what we call a reference so make sure to save it. Having a great video reference helps us determine what kind of shots, sounds, and images you are looking for.

Our company owns $150,000 in production equipment that includes cameras, lights, and computers. We can go on location to capture an event and even edit for same-day delivery.

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