Successful Brands Versus Failed Campaigns

Brands are Looking more into Creating Curated Campaign

Luxury brands are the kind of brands that do not really need much of an introduction and people typically know about them. They are famous for quality and are known for being a brand that can invoke interest.

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Although, these brands aren’t completely blind to the fact that social media, video and various types of marketing platforms can be used to their advantage. Unlike before, they are now looking more into creating curated content for social media and video.

Here we can look at what these luxury brands are doing in terms of video marketing. Possibly, we can pick up a bit of knowledge from their implemented marketing plans.

Successful Top Brands Uses Great Marketing Plans

These brands are able to capture to make it worthwhile for their viewers to stay and watch their curated videos. With their efficient use of marketing, these brands have successfully captured their target audience. Some of which are listed below;

  • Louis Vuitton – Perfumes: Signature Leather Scent

In this video, Louis Vuitton explains the process behind their Signature Leather Scent. They made a video showing the process and how they are able to achieve the incorporation of Leather Scent to their perfumes. 

  • Hermès – La Maison des Carrés

In this 2014 video, an interactive world of  is a dedicated virtual home for its iconic women’s silk scarf collections. 

  • Gucci – House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth

Curated by American Vogue’s International Editor-at-Large, Hamish Bowles, the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire opens the doors to “House Style.” Gucci is able to truly make a haunting video showing the beauty of the Derbyshire Estate and exhibition.

  • Chanel – N°5 L’EAU: the film

Lily-Rose Depp is featured in this astounding video that is made up of various shots of her. That can only be defined as both enchanting and poignant. Lily-Rose involvement gave the brand, which is already quite well-known, a lot more buzz.

  • Cartier – L’Odyssée de Cartier

Cartier garnered over 19.4 Million Views with this video. It is quite a commercial with so many epic elements in it.  It showcases a world similar to that of The Lord of the Rings and the main character is not a human, but actually a leopard.

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Marketing is no Easy Task

Even if great marketing can boost your business, it may take time and it takes effort – and sometimes, you do not see the results immediately. It is no easy task. However, we also know that marketing is a numbers game.

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The more leads you have, the more you are likely to gain some new clients along the way. That is why marketing tools are crucial for most companies to be able to create a successful marketing plan. 

These tools help the company not only organize potential clients but also allow companies to analyze relevant data. They can use this data to improve their marketing strategies. As a result, it will be the success of their brand.

Precarious Position when Ads Fail

Unfortunately, brands are also often placed in a precarious position when advertising campaigns fail. There are so many ways to fail when it comes to ads and the important thing is to learn from these mistakes.

But again and again, we tend to see some who fail miserably to read between the fine lines of an ad being offensive or insensitive. And to be fair, it is really hard to discern beforehand what can be considered offensive or insensitive. 

You have to take into account so many ideas and philosophies right now that it is really hard to nail that right ad campaign that would allow a certain brand to reach their targeted audience.

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Noteworthy Points About Ads that Could go Wrong

There are some recent advertising campaigns that failed to create their planned marketing effect for their audience. Below are some points you need to consider for any campaigns:

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  • Mourning celebrities’ death is often a tricky topic.
  • Some celebrities have looked alike but it is important to do research and tell the difference between these celebrities. That is where Total Beauty failed.
  • It is worth noting that timing can be a factor when it comes to rolling out political ad campaigns.
  • Racism is often the topic that an Ad or a Brand can be called out for.

So maybe we just need to look at past examples to know what would work for an ad campaign and what would backfire. The application of a marketing plan may involve time, but there are ways wherein a particular campaign is done properly. Therefore, avoiding your brand from being in a bad light.

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