Tera Brew – Kickstarter Campaign Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

This video introduces The All New Tera Brew S-Tap product by showcasing its features and benefits. Tera Brew is a smart craft elegant and portable beer dispenser designed with a built-in battery. Tera Brew enhances the flavor of your favorite brew while keeping it at the optimal temperature. It allows for 3 beverage temperature settings, nice and fast cooling operation and keeps beer fresh.

“The perfect pour for your favorite beer”

The Solution

Our creative video production company produced this great kick-start commercial video using our high-quality film video camera. We highlighted the amazing features and benefits of this product to capture the viewers’ attention.

The Client

Tera Brew thought of ideas in 2014 with a vision to create good local brewery beer and excellent beer made easy for everyone at home, without the complicated equipment. We invented Tera Brew S-KEG which can contain beer from many local breweries around the world and beer made by ourselves.
After two years of effort, we introduced the Tera Brew S-TAP in Kickstarter to enjoy local beer and home-brewed beer in a fresher, simpler, and less expensive way.


Tera Brew creators are a team of engineers and designers with a passion for beer. Tera Brew is the world’s first smart tap portable beer dispensers.

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