The Employee you Always Wanted Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client is envisions a commercial video that has a call to action theme. A commercial video that audience will love to watch up to the last scene. It will add an idea to the viewer of how ITGlue can benefit their company regarding documentation and how it can help them grow and have company sustainability which what are most companies are targeting.

“Lack of documentation is becoming a problem for acceptance. “


A fast-paced, scripted agency commercial with death defying stunts, hilarious antics, and a powerful call to action, resulting in a crazy set and shoot spanning over 3 days.

As a video production company we captured moments of levity, high stakes action, stunts, and some insight from the director, Matthew Campbell, on the process.

Christopher Day – ITG Owner
Phill Claxton – Chief Operations Officer
Karla Byrnes – Director of Marketing and Community
Tom Sopwith – Content Consultations

IT Boss – Al Dales
IT Employee Jensen – Aaron Charles
Read Jason Bourne and Stunts – Lucas Othmer
Beautiful IT Employee – Tara Plouffe

Happy Client – Alison Henderson
Chaser – Will Erichson
Chaser – Mig Buenacruz
Server Security – Guramrit Singh
Employee and Extra – Travis Brittain
Employee and Extra – Neil Shrestha-Birtch
Employee and Extra – Kevin Jiang
Employee and Extra – Caitlyn McCaughran
Employee and Extra – Colter Ripley
Employee and Extra – Dave Goldie
Employee and Extra – Hossein Rajabi
Employee and Extra – Jordan Zhang
Employee and Extra – Joshua Oakes
Employee and Extra – Sarah Ippen

Executive Producer – Colter Ripley
Director – Matthew Campbell
Cinematographer – Byron Kopman
Camera Asst. – Kelvin Wong
Key Grip – Andrew Shirley
Gaffer – Brooks Robinson
Sound – Alex Shamku
Stunt Coordinator – Curtis Braconnier
Art Director – Kamaira LeBlanc
Set Decorator – Robert Doherty
Makeup and Wardrobe – Kelley Cobb

Editorial and Visual Effects – Didi Delgerbat
Review and Consultations – Julian Figueroa
Post Supervisor – Colter Ripley

The Client

IT Glue is a proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your team.

ITGlue is a collaborative, cloud-based IT documentation platform created to help MSPs standardize documentation, create knowledge bases, manage passwords and track devices.


In 2014 we shot our first video for ITGlue – a small start up looking to make an impact.

Two years later, the company exploded into a multi-million dollar venture with employees around the globe. They called Red+Ripley back, and we took their dreams to the next level.

The latest ITG video shoot had the biggest crew we’ve ever had on a Red+Ripley set, with over 20 people! We’re looking to beat that record in 2017 too!

Our commercial video production team comes from a diverse range of experience in film production, commercial advertising and visual effects. We have in-house producers, extra actors, writers, directors, camera operators as well as an array of additional production team members that can produce a well and stanning commercial needed by any company.

About Red Ripley

We are a video production team. We partner with top companies and brands. We craft powerful stories that move and influence viewers. We use promotion to bring it to their target audience. We have fun doing it.

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