Think Tank Overview Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client wanted to showcase the advantage of using his invention – Think Tank Automation to help the farmers grow their crops with high volume and quality yields.This a complete automated system with just a touch of a button – the computer will mix the right amount of fertilizer needed by the plants to grow robustly.

“Unlimited possibilities to ensure maximum quality and yields.”

The Solution

A powerful video production was created showing the capability of the Think Tank Automation. The opening salvo starts with a powerful presentation of the Think Tank Automation equipment to emphasize its majesty and capability. The images combined with an emotive and brain scrambling electronica music. The sensory level of watching the first part of the video was immediately followed by transporting the viewer to another level – the cognitive level. When the next frame shows Justin Valmont’s logical explanation on how his invention works and what can it do for the craft growers.

The Client

Think Tank Automation and Fertigation System is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Think Tank Fertigation System is an automated nutrient formulating, mixing, fertigation, and delivery system. Cannabis Fertigation.


The Think Tank is a precision automated nutrient formulator for the craft grower.

About Red Ripley

Red Ripley is a video production company located in Vancouver, Canada. They partner with top brands to create powerful stories that move and influence their target audience.
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