UNA – “Bike” Infomercial Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client wanted a fun and engaging infomercial video educating their audience the importance of safety cycling which are just a combination of common sense, road rules and cycling knowledge for you to always ensure your safety, preferably with your everyday journey having been a pleasant one and not fraught with danger.

“Riding safe and following the rules are one of the most important thing in staying safe..”

The Solution

We created an Infomercial video production that will certainly educate viewer of the importance of safety cycling rules and regulation. We shoot it in a fun way so that viewer will capture the message quickly.

We work with clients from their ideas and conceptualize it. We work on pre-production to a shotplan or script, creating their media content through awesome and professional video content.

The Client

UNA promotes health and sustainability within the community by helping implement policies and bylaws to regulate the needs of a rapidly growing population. The Green Initiative is the UNA’s project to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of all residents.


The purpose of the UNA is set out in its constitution and by-laws. It manages infrastructure such as street and sidewalk repairs, and regulates matters of concern in the public realm such as parking and noise. The areas of responsibility are set out in greater detail in the Neighbourhood Agreement with UBC. The agreement is amended as needed, most recently in 2015. The schedules to the agreement are in development. Residents opinions, views and concerns are heard through the UNA who works with external stakeholders to shape future development of residential areas at UBC.

No matter what broaden the idea is, our team at Red+Ripley were so passionate for any client who needs video production services.

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