University Canada West Profile Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

To clear up identity diffusion and shine above the rest. The Bachelor of Arts Media and Communications combines specialized creative and business aspects of communications, but prospective students were unable to discern it from a slew of less comprehensive communications programs offered

“We Change Lives, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.”

The Solution

We were highly influenced by the engaging RSAnimate style videos in which a hand draws all of the visuals as the voice over actor speaks.

The idea was to create an exciting, humorous and engaging corporate video production for YouTube and UCW advertising use.

We thoroughly researched UCW and the BComm program to develop the script and concept; this was worked back and forth with the Lisa Duong, the UCW Marketing Manager.

We kept the pace brisk and used lots of sound effects, custom music and quick graphics. The client was extremely happy with the final product. The video was launched successfully!

The Client

University Canada West (informally UCW) is a private, for-profit, educational institution in British Columbia, Canada.

The university was founded in 2005 by David F. Strong, the former president of the University of Victoria, purchased in 2008 by the Eminata Group, and is currently owned by Global University Systems.

The university is based in downtown Vancouver, and currently offers predominantly business and management related programs


Each scene was drawn separately and then animated together to the timing of the script.

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