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Let’s say hello to the newest face of strategy “video marketing in Vancouver”. Try this and let’s see the results!

The traditional approach to using broadcast marketing videos and video promotion is over! (Actually, the broadcast is kinda like film, it will never really go away, sadly….) Let’s say hello to the newest face of strategy “video marketing in Vancouver”.

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Although the internet has been around for a few decades… Advertising agencies and marketing video agencies have been slow to take advantage of this medium.

When I’m speaking of marketing video, this is mostly the publishing and distribution portion of the production process.

Even more, no amount of promotion will take the place of a powerful story, attractive visuals and decent production value. So, don’t listen to those internet marketers who tell you to pop open your cell phone camera and produce a low-budget video.

Trends in Promotion Video and Video Marketing in Vancouver

There are a lot of trends in marketing videos that come and go. Here are some of it:

  • Hand-drawn whiteboard animations come and go
  • Simple cell phone capture come and go
  • We’ve also seen a shortening in the lengths of videos.

There have been a lot of trends but digital video marketing and promotion videos have continued to grow.

The main benefit of the broadcast is the broad and general reach. This is great for large International Brands, having a massive following and can handle the advertising costs. Associated with multi-million-dollar advertising pushes. With proper ad agencies monitoring results.

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Social Media Developing Advertising Platforms

It’s been strange to see YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads. Well, all other social media sites develop their own advertising platforms. We’ve been part of large advertising pushes on YouTube were $100,000, or more is put behind a video.

One of the main considerations before sending one of these big promotional pushes at a video, is the quality and conversion of that video.

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It’s important to create that powerful story and the narrative which properly represent your brand. It’s also more and more important to have a video that converts views into sales.

This complex interaction involves selecting a properly targeted viewer… And purchasing an impression with that person. If the targeting is done well, the viewer is interested in the content, the action is clear. Then there’s a chance of that viewer taking the Next Step.

The conversion is simply impressions over sales. This is one of the main numbers of video promotion marketers are concerned with.

Targeting the Right Viewers using Video Marketing Vancouver Style

The benefit of transitioning away from broadcast media and towards digital video marketing is mostly in the targeting of the viewer. There’s an incredible amount of controversy regarding personal data and whether advertising companies should be able to target so specifically.

But we’re not looking at personal data. Instead, we’re looking at an aggregate of how many people your marketing videos can be promoted too.

So, when we’re creating a proper video campaign and considering digital publishing and distribution, we’re essentially video marketing.

The social video platforms, Google AdSense and other publishing platforms will immediately give feedback on your conversion. It will quickly become crystal clear whether you’re advertising dollars are going to good use.

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Strategy to Create a Powerful Videos

One of the main benefits of working with the video production company Vancouver agency like ours is the level of experience in publishing campaigns. I’ve often been surprised at the viewer’s reactions when we publish their campaign and start to get those results back.

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  • Make sure to create a powerful video promotion. The training video production, story and emotional engagement of the narrative are really going to be the distinguishing factor.
  • Then once you’ve created that amazing video, do a test and put a bit of a push behind it. The analytics on those platforms give you a quick gauge of whether or not you should scale up the funding.
  • Hence, I’ve often enjoyed shows like a pitchman. Where Billy Mays and his team members work together. Building a high converting spot, secure and advertising push over broadcast and wait to see the conversions come in.
  • Even more, one service we provide for the client is cut downs where we take the original video and reduce the length to re-edit and test what works.

Lastly, I’m encouraging the shortening of video promotion when used it for advertising purposes. Furthermore, I’ve seen sales video Vancouver and other agencies using 15-second videos, 30-second videos, 60-second videos, and even 90-second videos. and it works really well.

About the Author

Colter Ripley is the executive producer for Red Ripley and has been producing for over 18 years. After winning film festivals after he graduated high school in the year 2000.

He’s also certified in digital film, specializing in cinematography. He also has a multimedia diploma, certified in project management, lastly, he is a certified business coach.

Lastly, Colter’s main focus on collaborative and custom video production. So he is guarantying lots of customer service and the final product that clients will be excited to share!

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