Will Ripley Guitar Demo Reel Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

To showcase Will Ripley as a pro. Will Ripley is a professional electric and acoustic guitarist who has shared the stage and has collaborated in the studio with rock stars and independent musicians alike, including Marin Barre (Guitarist for Jethro Tull), Tony “Wild T” Springer (Guitarist for David Bowie), Ray Myers (Singer & Saxophone player for Aretha Franklin, The Jackson Five, Robert Cray), and DJ Kemo (The Rascalz, Akon).

“Imagine what it’s going to feel like to figure out the magic and mystery behind truly great guitar playing.”


A demo reel. The video production showcases who Will is, and how much butt he kicks on the stage.

The Client

A guitarist, entrepreneur and a big music fan. He’s been very fortunate to have toured, performed and recorded with legitimate rockstars.


Will’s band Tito Deville Band opened for LMFAO.

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