Yahoo – 2010 Winter Olympic Games with Yahoo! Sports – Preview Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

To capture billions of eyes for this must-watch spectacular event, 2010 Winter Olympics happening in Vancouver, Canada that would fulfill your happiness with their amazing and remarkable games.

“a very spectacular event that shouldn’t be missed to watch”

The Solution

This video production was part of an exciting project that lasted the length of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. We were chosen and contracted by Yahoo! Sports as a videographer and editor to help cover much of the 2010 olympic highlights.

Working from a studio in Gastown, we worked to cover press events, olympic events and any other notable events and edit and produce complete videos that were then approved and pushed to Yahoo users to complement the olympic coverage.

About Red Ripley

We are a video production team. We partner with top companies and brands. We craft powerful stories that move and influence viewers. We use promotion to bring it to their target audience. We have fun doing it.

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