Yaletown Distillery Profile Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

As a Vancouver landmark and tour location, the Yaletown Distillery opened in 2012 and will provide tasting and video tours to customers.

“It’s hard not to keep on drinking this, you have to be careful but it’s hard”

Catching the sophisticated distillation of Yaletown Distillery with our team. We created a corporate video production showing not just how the process is made but also how the people puts their hearts in making what’s going to be a tourist spot.

The Solution

Red+Ripley created a video showcasing the equipments used to making beer, vodka and other drinks.

We also captured how the head brewer explaining the distillation process and why it is unique from other companies.

The Client

After almost 20 years of making fresh beer at the Yaletown Brewing Company and pioneering the craft beer movement in Vancouver, it was an organic expansion for the Mark James Group to lead the way in artesian distilling.

Launched on Repeal Day December 5th, 2013 marking the anniversary for the end of prohibition, the Yaletown Distilling Company is honouring the tradition of distilling by producing premium handcrafted spirits


Getting an opportunity a tour in Yaletown Distilling Company was not enough for them, we were happy to receive a bottle of vodka for each of our staff members!

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